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Whilst we’re always on the look out for ways to spice up and improve our sex lives, it’s easy to overlook one valuable resource: apps. Sex apps can be a convenient way to find information, get ideas and create fun in the bedroom and beyond at a good price (free in many cases). We’ve put together a list explaining 5 different ways sex apps can improve your sex life. This list is far from exclusive so expect more examples from us in the future:

Get More Dates

2 glasses of red wineDating apps can be a great way of meeting new potential partners. Like dating sites, dating apps come in all varieties. From those of you looking for long term relationships to those looking for quick hook-ups, there’s an app that’s got you covered. With a good idea of what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find apps that will help you find well-matched sexual partners whilst on the go. How to get the best results from the apps and maximise your chances of  success, however, is a different matter.

Example Apps: Tinder, Grindr, Plenty of Fish, Down, Match

Learn New Positions

An illustration demonstrating a sexual positionTrying out new positions is a fun way of mixing things up and discovering new sexual pleasures. The Kama Sutra and other sex books are often go to resources for lovers looking to find new positions. With sex position and Kama Sutra apps, you have the same knowledge and advice at your finger tips. By downloading a sex position app, you can find hundreds of new positions to try, each with instructions, advice and illustrations to guide you.

Example Apps: Sex Life – 100+ Positions, Pocket Kamasutra

Play Sexy Games

A pair of diceApp stores offer a range of sex games for couples and/or groups to play together.  These sex games use gameplay to provoke intimacy and encourage sexual routines to be broken.  Sex games won’t just encourage couples to try new positions but also encourage new sexual scenarios, environments and fantasies. Whether it’s by spinning a virtual wheel, rolling a virtual dice or generating a naughty game of truth or dare, these sex apps can add a lot of excitement to an otherwise boring evening.

Example Apps: Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare (Sex Edition), Sex Dice 3D

Get Hot Tips

Red lips and white teethWhilst there’s sex tips online, in books and in magazines, apps can also be a valuable resource for getting new ideas and advice. Whether you’re looking to try out new oral techniques, improve your stamina or learn how to hit the right spots, you can be sure there’s an app available to help. Some sex tip apps cover a wide range of topics and are broken down into sections whereas others are designed to help with a certain sexual topic. With apps with tips on kissing, oral sex, the G-Spot, lasting longer in bed, threesomes and much more, there’s bound to something for you on an app store.

Example Apps: Sex Tips – Hot Adult Tips for Guys, Girls & Couples, Kissing Tips, Last Longer in Bed Tips, Sex G Spot The Best Guide

Help You Practice Safe Sex

A condomIf you’re looking to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, safe sex is a must. Thankfully, there’s a load of great apps out there that can help you to make sure you’re approaching sex safely and don’t overlook any risks. As well as advice apps that provide information on pregnancy and STIs, there’s also apps that teach you how to choose the correct condoms, teach you how to put condoms on correctly,  set reminders for the contraceptive pill and more.

Example Apps: Condom Pro, Safe Sex Tips, Condom Size, myPill

Do you have any favourite sex apps or any experiences with sex apps to share? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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