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Despite debates about average penis size and whether or not size matters, many men don’t know how to correctly measure their penis. As a result, guys can end up thinking they’re bigger or smaller than they actually are. So to measure your penis properly, grab yourself a measuring tape (rulers don’t account for curves) and follow the advice below.

Measure Your Penis Length

Measuring Penis LengthYou can measure the length of your flaccid or erect penis using the following steps:

  • Begin holding the measuring tape above the top side of the penis.
  • Place the start of the tape at the point where your penis meets your lower stomach.
  • Pull the tape along the shaft . When erect, make sure to follow the upward curve (if you have one).
  • Don’t curve the tape over the head to touch the urethra but hold it so it is in line with it.
  • Read the measurement on the tape that’s in line with the tip of your penis.

And that’s it, you now know your penis length.

It’s worth noting that the above measurement is sometimes referred to as non-bone pressed penis length (NBPL) and is the length of the visible penis. You can also follow the instructions above but push the start of the measuring tape so that it presses against the pubic bone. Following this method will give you your bone-pressed length (BPL). BPL is useful because it measures the true length of your penis and is not subject to change due to weight fluctuations (variations in the size of the fat pad at the base of the penis can alter the size of your visible penis).

Measure Your Penis Girth

Measuring Penis GirthGirth is the  measurement around the penis. You can choose to measure around the middle of the penis or the thickest part. As with penis length, the following method can be used for the erect and flaccid penis:

  • Hold the end of the tape at your chosen starting point.
  • Wrap it around your penis shaft (not too tight, not too slack).
  • Read the measurement where the tape arrives back at the starting point.

And there you go, you now have your girth measurement.

Final Tips

If you’re going to measure your penis, it’s worth remembering to do it in a warm room. If you’re feeling cold, your penis is likely to shrink in size and you won’t get an accurate measurement. If you’re interested in penis enlargement, you will probably want to test whether or not your chosen product or method is working over time. The best way to do this is to measure your penis at chosen intervals (e.g. every two weeks) using the methods above. To keep your measuring as consistent as possible, make sure you measure in the same ways each time and that you measure at a consistent level of warmth.

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