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If you’re a man who struggles to stay awake after sex, you may feel worried that you’re not showing your partner enough attention before falling asleep. In reality, falling straight to sleep after sex is perfectly normal. For most men, the cause of the tiredness after sex is a combination of the physical exertion required during sex and the chemicals and hormones released upon ejaculation. When a man ejaculates a number of relaxation and tiredness-inducing hormones and neurotransmitters are released. These include prolactin, oxytocin, vasopressin, serotonin and more. In addition to this, levels of epinephrine and dopamine, which have stimulating effects, are reduced.

More Reasons for Tiredness

For many couples, sex is the last activity of the day and takes place when the body and mind are already tired. If you consider this on top of the chemical release and physical exercise factors, it’s no wonder many men fall straight to sleep after sex. Another suggested reason for feeling tired after sex is that some men have a tendency to hold their breath up to the point of orgasm. A lack of oxygen combined with the physical activity can contribute towards a man’s post-sex exhaustion.

Do Women Feel Tired After Sex Too?

Women are not prone to the same combination of chemical releases as men after orgasm but sex can still cause relaxation and tiredness. This is most likely due to the physical exertion, intimacy and the time of day (if the sex is in the evening). Many women become energised after sex, possibly due to a release of dopamine.

The Problems with Sleeping After Sex?

Depending on individual partnerships, tiredness after sex may or may not be an issue. If both partners like sleep after sex, there is no problem at all. The shared relaxation can be pleasant for both parties and an embraced sleep can be very intimate. Problems occur when one person wants to stay awake, perhaps to chat and cuddle, whilst the other partner just wants to sleep. In some cases, one partner may be disappointed that their lover doesn’t stay awake for another round of intercouse.

How to Stay Awake After an Orgasm

If you’re somebody who holds their breath as you approach orgasm, remember to focus on your breathing up until ejaculation. This can reduce the feeling of exhaustion after sex. Another option is to drink a stimulating drink such as a cup of coffee or an energy drink. A final choice could be to have a cool shower to wake you up. It won’t be easy but it could help to get you into your partner’s good books.

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