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Did you know that these famous songs could actually be about premature ejaculation? Some are obvious whereas others are open to interpretation. From parodies to pop to rap, here’s our list of songs about premature ejaculation:

Relax  (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)

This classic song from the 80’s isn’t exactly the most subtle of sexual songs. In the lyrics, vocalist Holly Johnson repeatedly says to an assumed sexual partner, “relax” and “don’t do it when you want to come”. This can easily be interpreted as him telling his partner to relax and hold back rather than ejaculate prematurely. Johnson later goes on to imply that he wants the man to ejaculate on him by saying “shoot it in the right direction” and “hit me with those laser beams”. The overtly sexual music video, which includes Johnson being sprayed by multiple streams of liquid, helps to clarify the already obvious nature of the song.

Favourite Lyric: “Got to hit me. Hit me. Hit me with those laser beams”

Jizz In My Pants (The Lonely Island)

Jizz In My Pants by The Lonely Island tells the tale of two unfortunate male protagonists who suffer from consistent premature ejaculation. The men ejaculate so prematurely in fact that they require little to no physical contact to come. Between them, the men manage to ejaculate in their pants whilst shopping, driving,  watching a film and eating. Unfortunately the men react immaturely to their conditions and choose to blame the women in their lives for their short-comings. This is confirmed by lyrics including “its your fault, you were rubbing my butt” and “to be fair you were flirting a lot”.

Favourite Lyric:  “When Bruce Willis was dead at the end of Sixth Sense I jizzed in my pants”

Not Fair (Lily Allen)

Lily Allen’s Not Fair describes a relationship where all is not as well as it seems on the surface. Lily speaks of a man who “treats [her] with respect”, “says he loves [her] all the time” and, on the whole, makes her feel secure. The problem is, the man is no good in bed. Part of the man’s inadequacy is that he comes before Lily would like him to. This is made clear by the lyrics “then you make this noise and it’s apparent it’s all over”.  Premature ejaculation aside, the lyrics imply that the man makes little effort in the bedroom and this results in Lily feeling unsatisfied and frustrated.

Favourite lyric: “Oh I lie here in the wet patch in the middle of the bed. I’m feeling pretty damn hard done by, I spent ages giving head”

Premature Ejaculation (Steve Berke)

This poignant parody of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me follows a man’s fight with and eventual victory over premature ejaculation. Over the course of this 4 minute masterpiece, Steve describes getting dumped because of his PE, his fixation with extreme pornography, his doctor’s prescription and getting with his ex’s sister. It’s an uplifting tale by a man who overcame the odds.

Favourite Lyric: “So now I can no longer fuck like a minute-man, I sleep with girls like an east German Olympian”

The Warning (Eminem)

Okay so this one isn’t all about premature ejaculation but it does feature in the song. Throughout the rap, Eminem describes his relationship with Mariah Carey as a retaliation to her denial of it happening. Eminem describes his sex life with Mariah including the time he “nutted early cause [he] ejaculated prematurely and bust all over [her] belly”. Says it all really.

Favourite lyric: “You think I’m scared of you? You gonna ruin my career you better get one

Misfire (Queen)

It’s hard to say for certain whether or not Misfire is about ejaculation. Some may say that it’s not sexual and is about relationships as a whole (e.g. interpreting misfiring as missing an opportunity or misplacing attention). Suggestive lyrics such as “your gun is loaded and pointing my way” and “fire me through the night” make us think otherwise, however.  It’s the lyrics “fill me up with the desire to carry on” in particular that make us think that misfiring could be a reference to premature ejaculation. It could also be interpreted as ejaculating somewhere other than where Freddie desires.

Favourite lyric: “Don’t you miss this time. Please don’t misfire

Pretty Mess (Vanity)

This tragic song from the 80’s is riddled with sexual overtones. Vanity describes her relationship with a man who gets her “boiling like a kettle” and “dripping like a hot tea”. Whatever exactly it is that Vanity and the guy get up to, it results in him making a “pretty mess” on her dress. It could be his mess, her mess or both.

Favourite lyric: “And then he pulled a seam and it went all the way

We hope you have enjoyed listening to this eclectic mix of songs about premature ejaculation. If you’re concerned about PE, be sure to read our full post on the subject. Premature ejaculation can be cured.

Do you know of any songs about premature ejaculation that you would have liked to have seen in our list? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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